Thursday, December 2, 2021

Presentation of the electronic portal "One Stop Shop" to the Stakeholders

The presentation was held in accordance with the preliminary schedule of 09.11.2017 with the kind household of the Bulgarian-German Center for Vocational Training in the town of Pleven.

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, training organizations, tutors, trade unions were interested in it not only from Pleven region. The meeting was attended by 30 participants.

At the beginning of the meeting assoc. prof. Emil Buzov - Project Manager expressed his gratitude for the interest shown by the participants. He then briefly outlined the main goals of the project and the expectations of enriching the portal with training materials and turning it into a place for productive online dialogue.

After the in-depth speech of assoc. prof. Emil Buzov, assoc. prof. Dimitar Minchev introduced the interested persons to the online training portal "One Stop Shop" and the registration procedure in the portal. He briefly presented the logic and architecture of the curriculum included. He devoted special attention to the computer skills of working with products from the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel and PowerPoint and the skills associated with creating a successful LinkedIn social networking profile. The second module, related to learning and improving soft skills, was briefly presented by prof.Yanka Totseva, who emphasized the importance of communicative skills, including active listening skills, impact and influence skills, and the techniques of giving feedback is particularly important for managers in the 21st century. Participants in the meeting took part in the dialogue to present team skills, conflict resolution, time management, and dealing with stress at work. Social and emotional intelligence and their importance provoked the sharing of interesting opinions and expectations. The third module "Entrepreneurship" was presented by prof.  Yanka Totseva as the participants had the opportunity to obtain more specific information about lending and / or financing of small and medium business by the banks in Bulgaria through the selection of the Bulgarian team after serologic research, links to their special programs / credit lines.

In the final discussion, the two trainers - Prof. Dr. D. Minchev and Prof. Dr. Yanka Totseva answered a number of questions and received valuable tips for improving the portal with the inclusion of new materials.

The meeting ended with the promise of prof. Emil Buzov, the hope that the electronic portal "One Stop Shop" will be used both for in-house training and purposes, and will also become a place for sharing and enriching the knowledge and skills.