Saturday, May 21, 2022

EmpAct Info Day, Nicosia, Cyprus

The event was addressed to any person, age 50+, willing to improve its skills. The info day will actively encourage participation of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, including immigrant groups, irrespective of racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation.  Promoting equality between men and women will be particularly addressed, since EU research reveals weak representation of women in entrepreneurship - self employment. The overall aim is to foster communication between the two sides and the uptake of the use of the One Shop Portal.

It was attended by 51 participants:  from different background and sectors. Some of them are unemployed, civil servants, employers in the private sector, retired people who desire to upskill themselves and to be more active in the society. 

In view of engaging participants and making the most of their presence, EmpAct’s held an event of 2,5 hours, including an interactive part, ie. presenting EmpAct’s new innovative “One Shop Portal’’ tool.

In particular, following a warm welcome by the facilitator Mrs Irene Smeraidou, focused mainly in One Stop Shop Portal, while questions by the participants were addressed.

The networking session after the completion of the Info Day, presented another opportunity for further discussion on the One Stop Shop Portal and its impact.

- Click here to download the event report