ECOLE - Enti COnfindustriali Lombardi per l'Education, is a company tailored on vocational education and services formed by seven Associations (6 National Associations of Confindustria System and 1 Sectorial Industrial Association - Machine Tools) representing more than 8.000 companies and 420.000 employees; it mainly operates on the northern Region of Italy named Lombardia and reaches national borders thanks to the presence of “Ucimu-Sistemi per Produrre???.
Ecole’s activities can be described in the following:

Promotion, organization and coordination of vocational training activities, careers guidance, also being able to gain access to public financing
Design and management of job services

In regard to vocational training activities, ECOLE delivers skills assessment and competences’ certification that allows individuals to appraise the competences acquired through any kind of learning, whether formal or informal, giving evidence in forms and patterns recognized at a regional level. ECOLE, as body accredited at regional level, issues, on behalf of the Region Lombardy, certificates of competences with respect to the regional framework of professional standards (QRSP), adopted by the Region Lombardy in 2008.
Ecole contribution to Empower Active Ageing project are the following ones:


Contact Persons
Emanuela Luppino
Edoardo Andreoni