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The Partners

Step by Step Program Foundation

Step by Step Program  Bulgaria was established as an NGO by Open Society Foundation on March 12th 1998.
Education of the XXI century
  • Dissemination and implementation of the ideas for democratic education in Bulgaria;
  • Introducing new educational technologies;
  • Encouraging the family involvement in education;
  • Providing equal access to quality education for minority children, with disabilities and children in social isolation.
  • Developing projects for infant and toddlers, preschools, mainstream and special schools and pedagogical faculties for training faculty teachers, students, principals, teachers and parents;
  • Developing projects for quality education of minority children, children with disabilities and children in social isolation;
  • Suggesting educational technologies and strategies related to interactive methods for education and organization of a child-centered educational environment;
  • Monitoring, assessing and researching educational projects;
  • Developing and disseminating methodological literature for innovative educational technologies.
Contact Person
Emil Buzov — Project Coordinator

European Office of Cyprus

The European Office of Cyprus (EOC) is a non profit, non governmental organisation based in Nicosia, with a representation office in Brussels. It was co-founded in 2007 by 18 organisations from a wide spectrum of sectors and interests. 

The European Office of Cyprus aims to offer support to its members, so they can use to the maximum the funding and development opportunities offered by the European Union. 

To fulfil this assignment, the EOC has developed three basic activities: 

  1. Representation, visibility and promotion of the EOC members positions
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Provision of conclusive information and consultation on EU funding opportunities.
  4. Development of partnerships and participation in European networks.


Contact Persons
Rosa Maria Strevinioti
Elpida Christou
Flora Stavropoulou

Enoros Consulting Ltd

Enoros Consulting was established in 2006, and is one of the major management consulting and project management companies in Cyprus, committed to providing high quality services to the Cypriot society, public administration and its governments. ENOROS provides specialized knowledge to meet the needs of both the public and private sector in the design and management of Community/EU funds. Furthermore, the company specializes in the management and evaluation of development programs and projects (both in national and European Union level).


Contact Persons
Konstantinos Kloudas
Irene Smeraidou

ECOLE - Enti Confindustriali Lombardi per l'Education

ECOLE - Enti COnfindustriali Lombardi per l'Education, is a company tailored on vocational education and services formed by seven Associations (6 National Associations of Confindustria System and 1 Sectorial Industrial Association - Machine Tools) representing more than 8.000 companies and 420.000 employees; it mainly operates on the northern Region of Italy named Lombardia and reaches national borders thanks to the presence of “Ucimu-Sistemi per Produrre???.
Ecole’s activities can be described in the following:

Promotion, organization and coordination of vocational training activities, careers guidance, also being able to gain access to public financing
Design and management of job services

In regard to vocational training activities, ECOLE delivers skills assessment and competences’ certification that allows individuals to appraise the competences acquired through any kind of learning, whether formal or informal, giving evidence in forms and patterns recognized at a regional level. ECOLE, as body accredited at regional level, issues, on behalf of the Region Lombardy, certificates of competences with respect to the regional framework of professional standards (QRSP), adopted by the Region Lombardy in 2008.
Ecole contribution to Empower Active Ageing project are the following ones:

  • definition and implemention of the most effective learning methodology, courses and workshops’ material and tools;
  • planning and developing of training contents and transfer to prohect's partners 
  • ensuring that methodology approach meets learning process features of adults (50+)


Contact Persons
Emanuela Luppino
Edoardo Andreoni

Instituto Politecnido de Portalegre

The Polytechnics Institute of Portalegre (IPP) is a higher education institution that includes four Schools, involved in teaching, training, research and other activities in their respective scientific, pedagogic, technical and artistic scope. It offers short cycle, first cycle, and second cycle programmes, as well as post-graduation and continuous training programmes in the areas of education, culture, media, tourism, social work, business and administration, engineering, design, graphic arts, agriculture, horse studies, veterinary nursing, nursing, dental hygiene.

IPP has about 2,500 students and 250 staff.

IPP was the first Portuguese higher education institution to be awarded the quality certification as a whole, according to the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008, by the Portuguese Association for Quality Certification (APCER). It was also a pioneer in Social Responsibility certification, being the first Portuguese HEI to receive the certificate of compliance with NP 4469-1:2008.

International co-operation has long been a strategic objective IPP. It has taken part in international mobility and cooperation projects for a long time now, especially under Erasmus, including mobility of students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

IPP has a Research Center with a multidisciplinary focus, particularly in the four main research lines: Bioenergy and Sustainable Materials; Computing, Design and Marketing; Sustainable Agriculture; Social and Human Sciences and Health.

Also a Language Centre offers tailor-made courses and structured courses in different languages and for different target groups.

Contact Persons
Carlos Afonso
Mónica Martins
Maria José Varadinov

University of Pireaus

The University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC) was founded in 1989 as part of the University that offers administration and legal support to basic and applied research, carried out by the staff of the University of Piraeus, in national and international contexts. The high quality of research and consulting work carried out to-date by the UPRC has led to a large volume of collaborations either in international frameworks (e.g., EU-funded projects) or undertaken on behalf of large domestic companies, institutions and Ministries.


Contact Persons
Christina Kontogoulidou
Oikonomou Savvoula Maria